Basis of Design document

This project faces the obstacles of a rugged and remote location, only fully occupied seasonally, the language barriers and cultural understanding of the team members involved and even proving the basic feasibility of such a difficult task.  There are not only extreme technical requirements that must be consistently met in … Read More

Google Maps Visits Khumbu

In the shadow of Mt. Everest lies a group of sacred valleys known as the Khumbu. For centuries this remote mountainous region has been the homeland of the Sherpa people. Discover the hidden treasures along the trail and off the beaten path.

Nate’s Journey: 09 June

On my last day here in Nepal, I was able to meet with engineers from Biogas Support Program. The Mt Everest Biogas Project owes Murari a huge thank you for pulling together this last minute meeting. It‘s never easy to get busy people to spend the beginning of their Sunday … Read More

Nate’s Journey: 07 June

Since my outing to find construction materials, I’ve been trying to make a realistic cost for the Biogas project. This is not easy, and I have had at least three different quotes for the cost of cement in Khumbu so far. It’s also interesting to figure transport costs when things … Read More

March 2014 Update

Design Progress March 2014 At the start of the biogas digester design process, the design team laid out 7 technical objectives to accomplish.  These are itemized below.  Over the last 3 years, significant progress has been made on meeting the first 5 technical objectives.  In summary, the technical team has demonstrated … Read More

Nate’s Journey: 05 June

Since I’ve returned to the capital my days have been busily filled with writing and trying to squeeze in meetings. Mostly I’ve been incorporating information from the site survey, into a presentation for Biogas Support Program Nepal (BSP). This has been the focus of my efforts, but it is not … Read More

Nate’s Journey: 03 June

Today was my first full day back in the capital. I am pleased to have more meal options available and water I don’t compulsively dose Iodine tablets into. Though, I already miss the beauty and quiet of the high mountains. I am staying in the same room I was in … Read More