Nate’s Journey: 20 May

I woke early with the rest of the team where we took tea and walked about 50 meters down the Khumbu trail to the Nun’s Monastary. We chiseled in Bench Mark 1 for our traverse and walked though the grounds painting in the other Bench Marks and Turing Points for the Survey. By around 7:30AM we returned to the Tea House for breakfast.

The group’s engineer Rajendra told me I could help by making a sketch of the Monastery’s main hall, including the inset of the windows or protrusions of the eves etc. I like to draw and it was great to be of benefit to the survey of the Gompa.

The nuns I met were interested in my sketching. I had a limited conversation with one who spoke Tibetan while I tried to see how far 5 words in Nepali and the phrase, America-USA, could get me. Lovely people, I hope that this survey is the start of restoring their historic monastery.