Nate’s Journey: 09 June

On my last day here in Nepal, I was able to meet with engineers from Biogas Support Program. The Mt Everest Biogas Project owes Murari a huge thank you for pulling together this last minute meeting. It‘s never easy to get busy people to spend the beginning of their Sunday morning listening to a presentation. But somehow, Murari got the Senior Advisor from SNV (the parent Netherlands NGO that made BSP) and both the Assistant & Executive Directors to come to the meeting. Marvelous!

The meeting went very well. And I noticed the engineers enjoying my AutoCAD drawings of the proposed design. After I was done presenting, the Assistant Director showed two presentations on the recent work done by BSP above 2000m.  We learned about two alternative digester shapes they’ve been investigating. One of which has a smaller exit for the effluent; this would be great for our project.

Many good things will come from this meeting. The Assistant director and I will stay in close contact to share information and collaborate on the future design. Also the Executive director requested that the group in Seattle submit a grant to the Nepalese government for the project. It will certainly help to have this submitted by the Executive of BSP, which is functionally a government agency.

After the month of work accomplished during this visit, there is now so much more work to be done. But I am confident that the connections made during this last minute meeting will bring this biogas project forward by leaps and bounds.

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