Nate’s Journey: 03 June

Today was my first full day back in the capital. I am pleased to have more meal options available and water I don’t compulsively dose Iodine tablets into. Though, I already miss the beauty and quiet of the high mountains.

I am staying in the same room I was in before my trek began. Looking in the mirror there, I can see how much weight I’ve lost. This is unfortunate, as I was only ~165 lb before I left.  I have the chance to give myself a rest now, but some things just aren’t the same yet. My body had decided I am a vegetarian, which is an interesting. And I can never seem to feel hydrated. All in all, I think my health is good and my spirits are very high.

I spent my day completing the presentation I will give to our affiliate NGOs here in Kathmandu. I spent a lot of time with this before I left the states, but now I have more information and loads of helpful pictures to add. As soon as Mingma returns from the Khumbu valley there will be a lot of work to do. I still need to visit all the local suppliers of construction materials for our project. And there are so many people to talk to about the progress of the design.

My time here gets ever shorter. I am excited to get back to the left coast, but there are quite a few tasks to complete before I fly.