Help Preserve Everest by Donating Today

Mount Everest has deep cultural and religious significance to the Sherpa communities. Sagarmāthā, as it is known in Nepali, is revered as the “Mother Goddess of the World.” The ongoing dumping of human waste is degrading to this hallowed ground.

To bring this essential waste-management solution to life and to sustain the region’s climbing tourism industry for years to come, Mount Everest Biogas Project is seeking donations from individuals, a corporate project sponsor, major equipment donations or grant investments.

Donations to this project will keep the drinking water clean for the families who live in the Khumbu Valley and will provide the tea shop owners of Gorak Shep with methane, a renewable natural gas. It will also serve as an investment to the sustainability of Everest Base Camp by helping to restore and preserve this unique and spectacular region of the world.

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Mount Everest Biogas Project is a registered 501(c)(3) organization and all donations are tax deductible. Donate to the Mount Everest Biogas Project today using your credit card or your paypal ID.