It’s Official! MEBP is an official 501(c)(3) Non-Profit!

Our team was officially recognized as a 501(c)(3) entity at the end of December 2016!  We can now move forward with our design and work with the Everest communities. Special thanks for all our volunteer’s help over the past 6 years, and especially for Kirk Robinson’s help in helping Perkins Coie … Read More

Mt Everest Biogas Project Progress since our inception in 2010

The progress made by the Mt Everest Biogas Project since our inception in 2010 is shown in the timeline below.  We present the organizational and planning progress made in this international collaborative effort, as well as the technical progress of our ongoing design.  It will take a lot to build … Read More

Basis of Design document

This project faces the obstacles of a rugged and remote location, only fully occupied seasonally, the language barriers and cultural understanding of the team members involved and even proving the basic feasibility of such a difficult task.  There are not only extreme technical requirements that must be consistently met in … Read More

March 2014 Update

Design Progress March 2014 At the start of the biogas digester design process, the design team laid out 7 technical objectives to accomplish.  These are itemized below.  Over the last 3 years, significant progress has been made on meeting the first 5 technical objectives.  In summary, the technical team has demonstrated … Read More

October 2013 Update

Our program has completed the following tasks: Water and soil quality sampling and testing at Gorak Shep. Biogas digester model (Harris, U of Adelaide) is being used to assess performance. Extensive heat modeling. Formal proposal to BSP-Nepal for constructing digester at Gorak Shep. Site survey at Gorak Shep. Preliminary biogas … Read More

Project Begins!

We are proud to announce that the Mount Everest Biogas Project has been officially launched! Our project builds on the success of many other biogas projects in Nepal, and adds the challenges and specific requirements for an installation at 17,000ft (5000meters) elevation and that utilizes only human waste. We have … Read More