Nate’s Journey: 16 May

I got up at 3AM today, started and finished packing before the van came at 6. I had an extra hour once I had everything squared away, so I spent my time writing for school. Once in the van, we went to pick up the Architects, Engineers and Surveyor from … Read More

Nate’s Journey: 15 May

I had another early morning today, taking a walk at 5:30 AM. This time I tried some of the delicious smelling fried things, their scents do not lie. I managed to get some writing done before breakfast at the hotel. Once at the Summit Trek office again, I got to … Read More

Nate’s Journey: 14 May

By 5:30 AM I wasn’t able to sleep anymore. I gathered some things for the start of the day and walked downstairs to find the restaurant was not yet open. So I left to walk about the still morning as the city began to wake up. As I walked through … Read More