Basis of Design document

This project faces the obstacles of a rugged and remote location, only fully occupied seasonally, the language barriers and cultural understanding of the team members involved and even proving the basic feasibility of such a difficult task.  There are not only extreme technical requirements that must be consistently met in a wide range of conditions.  There is a complex web of social networking and thoughtful planning that must be navigated as well.  In the five years that volunteers have worked on this project we have attained design benchmarks as well as progress in our on-going discussion with the local community and organizations governing the Mt. Everest National Park.


A considerable amount of research and design has evolved throughout the course of this project, and not all preliminary work is documented on this website.  For a more pointed view of this project’s technical process, the current design concept and its technical details are presented in the

Basis of Design April 23 2015 FINAL