October 2013 Update

Our program has completed the following tasks:

  1. Water and soil quality sampling and testing at Gorak Shep.
  2. Biogas digester model (Harris, U of Adelaide) is being used to assess performance.
  3. Extensive heat modeling.
  4. Formal proposal to BSP-Nepal for constructing digester at Gorak Shep.
  5. Site survey at Gorak Shep.
  6. Preliminary biogas system design completed.
  7. Cost estimate based on the site survey results.

We have established formal affiliations with:

  1. Puget Sound Professional Chapter of Engineers without Borders. (EWB)
  2. Biogas Sector Program of Nepal (BSP-Nepal)
  3. Mt Everest foundation for Sustainable Development (MEFSD)
  4. Saving Mt Everest 2011-2012
  5. Seattle Architects without Borders

Program Tasks to Complete:

  1. Submit  formal application to Engineers Without Borders for recognition as an EWB Service Corp Program.
  2. Formalize “requirements and sustainability” document with residents of Gorak Shep.
  3. Formalize working document/contract with Biogas Sector Program-Nepal.
  4. Perform additional water testing at Gorak Shep to correlate the contaminated water with the source of contamination .
  5. Perform ground temperature measurements for 9 month period of performance.